24-1-5-10 GC Honda Gas Hydraulic Power Unit $6,475.00

This Power Unit was designed to operate from 0 to 10 GPM to run various Hydraulic Tools. The pumps flow will be drained down as not needed in a pressure compensated mode. Actual flow can be shut off completely at which time the pump is unloaded through a pressure compensator element. This feature allows a fixed displacement pump to meter out flow without causing excessive heat.

Gas Hydraulic Power Unit


Rated: 0 - 10 GPM @ 2,000 PSI (Relieve Valve set at 2,000 PSI, Capable of higher pressure)
Dimensions: 40-1/4 " Long x 24-1/4" Wide x 30-1/4" Tall  
Dry Weight: 390 lbs




* Model GX-690 Honda Engine

* Electric Start (Includes Battery + Case)

* 9 Gallon Hydraulic Reservoir

* 7 Gallon Fuel Tank

* Fan-Cooled Heat Exchanger

* Adjustable Relief Valve

* Variable Flow 0-10 GPM

* Return Line Filter, 10 Micron

* Quick Couplers, HTMA Standards

* Single Point Pick-Up

-Common Options-

Model 24CS-2WK - Wheel Kit Assembly.

This is a bolt on assembly that includes

(2) 4:80/4:00 Flat Free Type Tires, 2-Bolt-on Support legs and handle assemblies with required hardware.

COST: $345.00

Gas Hydraulic Power Unit Tools


Model FMTK-15 - Flow Meter Kit.

Includes 1-15 G.P.M High Pressure Flow Meter, Connecting Hoses and Quick Couplers.

COST $725.00

Model PGCK-3000 Pressure Gauge Assembly.

Kit includes Console Style 2-1/2" Gauge, 0-3000 P.S.I., Liquid Filled, Mounting Plate and required Pressure Hose. COST: $115.00

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